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BBC Interview

Interview on BBC RADIO 1 of 22 Goats

HOST: You’ve just heard “People Like Us,” the first single from 22 Goats’ debut album, “Smiling at You.” Mere days after release, the song has broken into the Top 100 and looks to be just getting started, thanks to a music video for the song that’s going viral. Next week, 22 Goats will embark on an eight-month world tour as the opener for Red Card Riot, beginning with two shows at Wembley Stadium. They’ve been kind enough to take a break from tour preparations to stop by for a little chat. Welcome, gentlemen.

BAND MEMBERS: Thank you. It’s great to be here. Thanks for having us.

HOST: First things first. Let’s have you introduce yourselves.

DAX: I’m Dax Morgan. The lead singer and guitarist of 22 Goats.

FISH: I’m Fish. I play bass and sing backups and dazzle with my electric personality.


COLIN: I’m Colin Beretta. I play drums. And swat Fish across the head, when needed. Like so.


HOST: Let’s talk about “People Like Us,” your first single that was just released and is already climbing the charts. Wow. The song seems to have a jet engine strapped to it, huh?

COLIN: And also an ass.

FISH: We’ve come to find out Dax’s bare ass has magical powers.

HOST: [Laughs] Also, it’s a great song. That might have something to do with it, as well.

DAX: Hopefully.

HOST: No doubt about it. I, for one, can’t get it out of my head. The song, that is. Not your ass, Dax.

DAX: Well, now I’m offended. Or, actually, my ass is.


HOST: What’s the story behind the writing of that song? What was the inspiration for it?

DAX: The opposite of what you’d think, actually. I wasn’t in the throes of the best relationship of my life, in reality. I was bummed I wasn’t. I was lonely. When I wrote that song, my most recent interactions with women had been pretty unfulfilling. So, I wrote a song about the kind of connection I was wishing I could feel, and just pretended I actually had it with someone.

HOST: The song feels like it comes from a very real place.

DAX: It did. I wrote honestly about what I was looking for, as if I’d already found it.

HOST: Did you know you’d written a smash hit when you wrote it?

DAX: No. I’ve never thought that way, because it’s not something in my control. I knew for sure I’d written the best song of my life. I knew it was magic.

COLIN: But did you think the song was as magical as your magical ass?

FISH: Nothing is as magical as Dax’s ass and he knows it.

DAX: So why even try?


DAX: But seriously, all I can do is please myself when I write. All I can do is not hold back. The rest is outside my control.

FISH: For what it’s worth, I knew “People Like Us” was smash hit the minute I heard it.

COLIN: Same here. And so did Reed.

HOST: And by “Reed,” you mean “Reed Rivers.” The founder of River Records.

COLIN: Yes. Mr. Rivers. The man with the plan. When he heard the final mix of the song, he tripled the budget for the music video, right then and there. He said he saw the video playing in his head and he knew it would go Richter. So, he put the team in place and made it happen in record time.

HOST: Richter?

COLIN: Earth-quaking, beyond any measure of the Richter Scale.

FISH: Off the charts.

HOST: I love it. I think I’m going to steal that.

COLIN: From me, to you. Just, please, credit me.

HOST: I promise. Although, in return, you should be thanking me for the viral success of your music video. I’m almost positive my wife and two teenage daughters are personally responsible for at least half the views on the video so far.


HOST: How did 22 Goats come to be? Tell us the origin story, as it were.

FISH: Dax and I met in second grade and became best friends. And then we met Colin in middle school and immediately saw our destiny in his dark, bedroom eyes.


DAX: Can you blame us? Look at those eyes, Simon. Those are some serious bedroom eyes, aren’t they?

HOST: For all of you out there without the benefit of a visual, yes, trust me, Colin’s got bedroom eyes. Most definitely.

COLIN: Thank you. Means the world coming from you, Simon.

HOST: You’re welcome.

COLIN: I don’t know what Fish and Dax saw in me, to be honest, but I can tell you I saw my destiny in Dax’s blue eyes when he mentioned his older brother had weed and was willing to share.


COLIN: So, yeah, basically, the origin story of our band is that I came by Dax’s house after school one day to try weed for the first time. The three of us got stoned in Dax’s garage with his older brother and his brother’s best friend and we all started talking about music. The two older dudes left, and the three of us goats sat there for hours and hours, talking and deciding to take over the world. And the next day, we met up in Dax’s garage to officially start our band, even though nobody knew how to play bass yet.


DAX: It’s true. Both Fish and I played guitar at that point. But Fish took one for the team and said he’d learn bass, since that’s what we needed. From there, we just started jamming in my garage every day after school, playing our favorite songs. A while after that, we started playing punk thrashers I’d written and dreaming we’d one day play arenas and take over the world.

HOST: Did you call yourselves 22 Goats, right from the start?

DAX: Oh, God. Please, don’t.

FISH: We’ve got to. This is our origin story, brother.

DAX: Ugh. Please.

HOST: Oh, this is going to be good. I can feel it.

FISH: We originally called ourselves . . .

DAX: Please, don’t.

FISH: Dax Attack.


HOST: Wow.

FISH: Epic, right?

DAX: Epically stupid.

HOST: How old were you?

DAX: Fourteen.

HOST: I think you get a pass, then. Did the boys of “Dax Attack” ever imagine, back when they were sat together in Dax’s garage, smoking weed and plotting world domination, they’d be heading out on tour with Red Card Riot?

DAX: Only in their wildest dreams.

HOST: Well, cheers to wild dreams coming true.

BAND: Amen. Thank you.

HOST: Catch 22 Goats with Red Card Riot at Wembley on the fourteenth and fifteenth. And pick up 22 Goats’ debut album, “Smiling at You,” featuring their first single, “People Like Us.” Thanks again for stopping by, guys. It’s been a pleasure.

BAND: Thank you so much. Thanks for having us. We’re super stoked. 

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