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It’s What You’ve Been Waiting For: ‘Ball Peen Hammer’ Is One Week Away!

Lauren Rowe

Day to day life as an adult can be extremely overwhelming. Between working and family life, it is often impossible to get away for a bit. After all, very few of us have the opportunity to take a vacation whenever we like, which leaves us worn down and searching for any kind of escape. Fortunately, your escape may be easier than you think.

While the idea of a steamy romance appeals to all, the likelihood of your life playing out like a romantic comedy is simply a fantasy. That is, until you begin to read Lauren Rowe’s romance novels. The intense passion contained in all of her novels will send you into a world of unbridled sensuality that will begin to make you, yourself feel as though anything is possible. And now, there’s a new novel for you to get lost in.

That’s right, the long awaited arrival and countdown for bestselling author, Lauren Rowe’s next riveting novel has begun. Only 7 more days until the much anticipated release of your soon-to-be-favorite romantic novel, Ball Peen Hammer.

You will find yourself enthralled by an unlikely friendship turned sweltering romance when you become a part of Keane and Maddy’s world. This novel will uncover what happens when two opposites find not only that they have much more in common than they imagined, but also what can happen when two people let down their guards and become enamored with more than just the idea of love.

Don’t wait another minute to pre-order the highly awaited romance novel, Ball Peen Hammer. Give yourself a break from all the stress and responsibilities of your life with the help of the talented Lauren Rowe!