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Reading Order

LRWeb Morgans.png

These are all STAND ALONE BOOKS. They can be read in ANY ORDER, it doesn't really matter. 

However the chronological order of the books is as follows → HERO - CAPTAIN - BALL PEEN HAMMER - MISTER BODYGUARD - ROCKSTAR

Newbies to these books are advised to start with HERO if you want to follow the time in which things happen. But again these books are STANDALONES and can be read in any order, just know you will jump around in time.

LRWeb JK Trilogy.png

The intended reading order of the Josh Faraday & Kat Morgan Trilogy (also released order) - Books 1 - 3 → Infatuation, Revelation, Consummation.

This is the love story of Josh Faraday and Kat Morgan. Kat Morgan is the sister of the Morgan brothers (Colby, Ryan, Keane, and Dax from standalones HERO, CAPTAIN, BALL PEEN HAMMER, and ROCKSTAR). Josh Faraday is the twin brother of Jonas Faraday from THE CLUB TRILOGY. But you can jump right in and read Josh and Kat's trilogy first! 


The intended reading order of The Club Trilogy (also released order) - Books 1 - 3 → The Club: Obsession, The Club: Reclamation, The Club: Redemption.

This is the love story of Jonas Faraday & Sarah Cruz.

The Club: CULMINATION is a full-length epilogue novel to be read after The Club Trilogy, or after The Josh and Kat Trilogy. This epilogue installment contains a complete story without a cliffhanger.

Countdown to Killing Kurtis - complete standalone

Misadventure Titles

Each of my Misadventures books are complete standalone, and you do not have to read any other Misadventures in order to read mine.

Misadventures on the Night Shift

Misadventures of a College Girl

Misadventures on the Rebound