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The Consummation | Romance Novels | Witty Novels - Lauren Rowe Books

See how the love story ends in the seventh and final book in The Club Series by bestselling author, Lauren Rowe.  Will they live happily ever after or will it all go up in smoke?


Consummation: Josh Faraday and Kat Morgan Trilogy #3

The final heart-stopping, heart-breaking, hilarious, and hot finale of the Josh Faraday and Kat Morgan trilogy is here!

Playboy Josh Faraday is addicted to Kat Morgan now . . . but she wants more than fun and games. She wants his heart. Is he even capable of giving her what she wants . . . or will this be goodbye? 

It began as a war of wills between the Playboy and the Party Girl. But now, Josh Faraday unexpectedly sees something in Kat Morgan—and her big, crazy family—he’s never seen before: a future. Will he break down and grab hold of Kat and everything she has to offer him . . . or will he lose her forever? 

With CONSUMMATION, the Josh Faraday & Kat Morgan Trilogy is now complete! CONSUMMATION is the third book of the trilogy and should be read after INFATUATION and REVELATION.

NOTE: Kat Morgan is the sister of the Morgan brothers (Colby, Ryan, Keane, and Dax from standalones HERO, CAPTAIN, BALL PEEN HAMMER, and ROCKSTAR). Josh Faraday is the twin brother of Jonas Faraday from THE CLUB TRILOGY. You can jump right in and read Josh and Kat's trilogy, before or after The Morgan Brothers or THE CLUB TRILOGY.