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The Culmination | Romance Novels | Witty Novels - Lauren Rowe Books

Delve back into the love story of Jonas and Sarah as they face their next big adventure together in part 4 of The Club Series.

The Culmination (The Club Series Book 4)

BOOK FOUR of The Club Series by USA Today and International bestselling author, Lauren Rowe. 

They thought they'd reached the highest peak. But they were wrong.
Jonas and Sarah's white-hot passion and unwavering love reach brand new heights in this epic continuation of their scorching hot, hilarious, and enduring love story. "Our love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the gods. We're the envyof the gods, baby--the culmination of human possibility." 

*The Culmination is a full-length novel to be read in order, after the first three books of The Club Series. This fourth installment continues the story of Jonas and Sarah (and Josh, Kat and Henn) and contains a complete story without a cliffhanger. The events in The Culmination happen AFTER the Josh and Kat books (Books 5-7) in chronology, but the author intended for all books to be read in the series in order, 1-7. If you do not like unconventional story-telling and prefer to experience THE CLUB SERIES in chronological order, then read 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and THEN 4. If you are game to read the books as the author intended--the find out what happens to Josh and Kat and THEN read HOW THEY GOT THERE, then read the series in order. 

"THE CULMINATION, book 4 in the captivating Club Series, is Rowe's best work to date! It consumes, enthralls, and tears you to pieces. I've quickly become obsessed with this series! Once you get a piece of Jonas and his crazy ways, there is absolutely NO turning back!"--Goodreads Reviewer

**Readers 18+ only due to extremely graphic (and scorching hot) adult situations and explicit language.

Readers should start the adventure with book 1 of the series (The Club) and read in order. 

"One of my favorite series, ever." "Addicting." "Hot." "Hilarious." "Romantic." "Emotional." "Gripping." "Sexy." "I want to have the Faradays brothers' babies."

The first four books of THE CLUB SERIES chronicle the epic and exciting love story of Jonas Faraday and Sarah Cruz. Books 5-7 chronicle the story of Josh Faraday (Jonas' brother) and Kat Morgan (Sarah's best friend and one of the Morgan siblings). The books of THE CLUB SERIES must be read in order. The books of THE MORGAN BROTHERS SERIES, a spin-off series of standalones, may be read in any order, even before reading any books of THE CLUB SERIES.